What's a Uses Page?

A /uses page lists a developer's setup, gear, software, and configs (what they use). This is inspired and listed on Wes Bos "". Note that this is an totally incomplete opinionated list, not a source of truth – your mileage may vary heayily.

Editor & Terminal

  • VS code as a primary Editor and switching back and forth to
  • Webstorm (mostly for the neat git implementation), both with @WesBos awesome Cobalt2 theme
  • iTerm2 with zsh for a Terminal and OhMyZshell installed (git status Prompt ftw), also Cobalt2 themed

Desktop Apps

  • Sketch for UI/UX design and prototyping, will eventually try Figma anytime soon
  • Affinity Photo and Designer for all other design related work
  • Zeplin for handoff / presentation, sketch Cloud occasionally
  • Firefox became my main browser as of late, but switch to Chrome brave every so often for the Developer Tools (mostly lighthouse Audits). I use brave for most non-dev related stuff a lot recently
  • sourcetree for heavier git issues
  • Github Desktop
  • I'd be lost without Dropbox to keep everything in sync and backed up
  • Carbon Copy Clone for my Off-site Backups, Apple's Time-machine, and Dropbox for syncing
  • I use Notion heavily for Projekt Management and note taking
  • Moco, a swiss CRM and Accounting tool is our favourite at the moment


  • 27" iMac as my main working horse
  • 20" Cinema Display as a second screen
  • 13" MacBook Air for when on the road
  • I still hold dear my iPad mini 4, mostly for reading
  • I swapped my vintage iPhone 7 for an iPhone 14 plus and I really like it!
  • I fell in love with Apple's 2nd gen AirPods, which I use mostly for communication purposes
  • I have a Sennheiser Momentum 2 over the ear bluetooth headphone with active noise cancellation for listening to music  

Desk Setup

  • I use an Ikea IDÅSEN height adjusable Desk (standing desk), with a custom table-top though. It comes with a 10 years (!) warranty.
  • I switch between a Vitra Meda Pro and a Vitra Nelson Perch stool, depending of the height of the desk.